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Instagram Roundup – January 2013

There is a definite coffee theme to this collection of photos and I know it’s a cliché, but I can’t help taking a photo when someone has taken the time to make my coffee pretty. I think going forward I’ll limit these posts to a maximum of nine images per month so that they don’t get too long.

Here is my Instagram roundup for January.

Happy new year. Keep on smiling :) The little gingerbread men cookie cutters are *still* partying! #tweedenuwejaar #gingerbreadman #cookiecutter
#coffeelove Truthful flat white There's a face in my coffee
Spent the @yuppiechef voucher I won at #cookiecheer2012, ordered last night and delivered this afternoon. #winning #kitchen #gadgets There course #ggdcpt dinner at @CTICC_Official

Top: New year message in a takeaway coffee cup, dancing mini gingerbread man cookie cutters
Middle: Flat whites at Bean There, Truth and Knead
Bottom: What I bought with the Yuppiechef voucher I won at #CookieCheer2012, three course Girl Geek Dinner at the CTICC

#446 – Spek Wrapped Spanspek Salad

#446 - Spek Wrapped Spanspek Salad

When I bought this spanspek (also known as cantaloupe) I knew that I wanted to eat it with prosciutto or a similar style cured ham. The only cured ham the supermarket had at the time was something called spek which I’d never tried before. That didn’t stop me from buying it though. I’m not going to lie, the alliteration in the title tickled me, but I found the flavour of the spek was too strong for the melon.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Cubes of spanspek wrapped in spek and
  • a salad with shredded cabbage, red onion, sugar snap peas and baby tomatoes.

Instagram Roundup – Cookie Cheer 2012

Last year at the beginning of December I took part in the second annual Cape Town Cookie Swap, also known as #CookieCheer2012. Each person participating committed to baking 60 sweet or savoury creations and bringing along six copies of their recipe. In return they’d get 10 items from 6 other participants and 6 new recipes to take home. We were asked to bring along a R30 donation for Nazareth House and all met up at I ❤ My Laundry.

Below are some of my instagrams from the day.

Finally finished baking, all packed and ready for tommorow. #cookiecheer2012 #baking #cookies #snowmen Cookie frenzy #cookiecheer2012
Just won a @yuppiechef voucher at #cookiecheer2012 Woot! Dim sum time! Mini red velvet cupcake baked by @cat_murray #cookiecheer2012 #yum
Laundry cookies on the line at #cookiecheer2012 Care for a cookie? Selection of treats from my #cookiecheer2012 haul. #cookies #baking

Top: My goodies bagged and ready for swapping, mingling around the big table
Middle: I won a Yuppiechef voucher, delicious dim sum, a tiny red velvet cupcake
Bottom: Laundry cookies on the line, a selection of the cookies I went home with.

Instagram Roundup – December 2012

Inspired by this post over on Add To Taste, this is the first in what I’d like to become a regular series on the food related photos I’ve uploaded to Instagram.

Here are my foodie instagrams from December, click on any of the images to view a larger version in it’s original form.

Sunday brunch This little gingerbread man had the fever, the Saturday night fever. #cookiecheer2012 #cookies #baking #gingerbreadman Donkeys in a row
Trying bubble tea for the first time, reminds me of @Wolverming, @AddToTaste and @HugsNquiches Pretty patterns in my coffee
Another entry into the South African #froyo market. Look what finally arrived from @MarmiteSA :) #DontBeAfraidOfTheDark #TheOriginalDarkSpread Opened up the #Tupperware containers from my #blogsecretsanta package and found all these little faces staring back at me.. #HelloKitty

Top: Brunch at Euro Haus, cute gingerbread man from #cookiecheer2012, chilli sauce bottles at El Burro
Middle: My first taste of bubble tea, flat white at Crave
Bottom: Froyo at Menchie’s, Halloween themed Marmite jar, part of my #blogsecretsanta gift from countesskaz (organized by The Stiletto Mum)

#445 – Sausage and Salad Lunch

#445 - Sausage and Salad Lunch

The lunch in today’s post is an example of how I often plan for lunches by organising an extra portion of food at supper time. On this occasion we had a fairly lazy dinner of sausages and salads from our local German deli. I divided the food into three portions (one for me, one for my boyfriend and one for my lunchbox) and packed my lunch at the same time as I dished up supper.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Sliced debreziner sausage,
  • German potato salad,
  • a few quartered baby tomatoes and
  • mixed bean salad.

#444 – Nectarine and Chevin Salad Lunch

#444 - Nectarine and Chevin Salad

Hello out there! Is there anyone out there? I really hope so, it’s been way too long since there was a new post around here. With this post (and more to come) I’m hoping to revive my dear blog and also healthier lunchtimes for me. So without further ado, here is what’s in today’s lunch box.

Today’s Lunch:

  • A salad of nectarine slices and goats milk chevin
  • on a bed of mixed salad leaves, red cabbage, sugar snap peas, shaved carrot and baby tomatoes .