Instagram Roundup – April 2013

As things are cooling down in Cape Town I find warm soups and mugs of hot chocolate are making regular appearances at my mealtimes. Strangely I also joined The Creamery‘s ice cream club and I’m not one of those people who enjoys eating ice cream when it’s cold. Although we have had a few warm days where a bit of ice cream has gone down well.

Here is my Instagram roundup for April.

Just what I need, a bowl of pea and bacon #soup. Gorgeous #pomegranate I picked up from @FruitVeg_CBM at the @citybowlmarket Picked up our first batch of ice creams from @thecreamerysa ice cream club. #icecream
Jelly Tots in the bottom of my Albatizer. #cocktail #jellytots #latergram
Childhood treats ahead of Sister Mary James' show. #hotchoc #sweeties #sistermaryjames My current favourite treat. #ginger #peanutbutter #yum Haven't been here in ages. Viva Mexico (with added avo) #pizza

Top: Pea & bacon soup at Crave, City Bowl Market pomegranate, The Creamery ice cream club pints
Middle: Jelly tots in my Albatizer at the Alba Lounge
Bottom: Hot chocolate while watching Sister Mary James, Peanut butter Gingerbon, Pizza at Narona

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