Instagram Roundup – April 2013

As things are cooling down in Cape Town I find warm soups and mugs of hot chocolate are making regular appearances at my mealtimes. Strangely I also joined The Creamery‘s ice cream club and I’m not one of those people who enjoys eating ice cream when it’s cold. Although we have had a few warm days where a bit of ice cream has gone down well.

Here is my Instagram roundup for April.

Just what I need, a bowl of pea and bacon #soup. Gorgeous #pomegranate I picked up from @FruitVeg_CBM at the @citybowlmarket Picked up our first batch of ice creams from @thecreamerysa ice cream club. #icecream
Jelly Tots in the bottom of my Albatizer. #cocktail #jellytots #latergram
Childhood treats ahead of Sister Mary James' show. #hotchoc #sweeties #sistermaryjames My current favourite treat. #ginger #peanutbutter #yum Haven't been here in ages. Viva Mexico (with added avo) #pizza

Top: Pea & bacon soup at Crave, City Bowl Market pomegranate, The Creamery ice cream club pints
Middle: Jelly tots in my Albatizer at the Alba Lounge
Bottom: Hot chocolate while watching Sister Mary James, Peanut butter Gingerbon, Pizza at Narona

Instagram Roundup – Taste of Cape Town 2013

Last night my boyfriend and I attended Taste of Cape Town. I usually like to attend the first evening to avoid the crowds, but I was lucky enough to win a double ticket from for the Friday session. The crowds were manageable and the weather was pretty good. It was a bit chilly but the wind that had been blowing on Thursday night was completely gone. We had a lovely evening and got to taste some delicious dishes.

Here are the items we tried.

Duck liver cream, pickled red apple and leek mignonette from Azure. #TasteofCT Duck, edamame bean, five spice, potpourri risotto from De Grendel. #TasteofCT Brasserie Scotch egg with smoked paprika aioli from The Brasserie. #TasteofCT
Nobu-style thin slices of line fish with during onions& ginger, drizzled with hot sesame oil & finished with a soy reduction & wasabi mayonnaise from 96 Winery Road. #TasteofCT Karoo "lams sout-ribbetjie" braised with wild herbs & served with wild garlic potato custard from Fyndraai. #TasteofCT Black River Coffee Stout from @BostonBreweries at the @thecraftbeerpro stand. #TasteofCT
We did a facilitated tasting at the @Inverroche gin stand. Lovely local gins made using Cape fynbos. #TasteofCT Slow roasted beef short rib, grilled rib-eye, goats cheese arincini, miso-roasted sweetcorn, pickled beetroot & smoked bbq jus grim Signal. #TasteofCT Ended the evening with these fresh #Lindt pralines. #TasteofCT

Top: Duck liver cream from Azure | Duck, edamame & five spice risotto from De Gegrendel | Scotch egg from The Brasserie
Middle: Nobu-style sashimi from 96 Winery Road | Lamb soutribbetjie from Fyndraai | Boston‘s Black River Coffee Stout from The Craft Beer Project
Bottom: Inverroche gin | Beef short rib, rib-eye and goats cheese arincini from Signal | Fresh Lindt pralines

Instagram Roundup – March 2013

So while I’m trying to get into a more regular routine for packed lunch posts, I’m still Instagramming away. Coffee and froyo seem to be consistent themes each month. There are also some naughty sweet treats and a few memorable meals from the past month.

Here is my Instagram roundup for March.

Bowl of ostrich chilli con carne for supper tonight. #chilli #supper #yum Peanut butter showdown. #candy #sweets #peanutbutter Our first visit, we shared an Akita Platter. #sushi  #inari #platter
This is a typical lunch for me these days, unless of course I've packed something. #lunch #coffee #sandwich Monday @MonksChinese, love their logo. #ChineseFood #TakeOut #Monks March 3 course Girl Geek Dinner #ggdcpt #dinner #threecourse
Coffee goes meeow. #coffee #cat #latteart Cinnamon flavour froyo at @Myog_SA is yum-o. #froyo #cinnamon Bunny taking in the view. #gold #chocolate #bunny #view

Top: Bowl of ostrich chilli con carne, peanut butter M&Ms vs Reese’s Pieces, Akita Platter at Phad Thai
Middle: Coffee & sandwich (my de facto lunch these days), Monk’s logo, Girl Geek Dinner at Salt
Bottom: Kitty cat coffee at Arnold’s, Cinnamon froyo at Myög, Golden bunny takes in the view

SA Food & Wine Blogger Indaba 2012

So, ummm… this post is late. Really late, like nearly a whole year late. But instead of beating myself up over this I’m choosing to see this as a small part of the build up to the 2013 SA Food & Wine Blogger Indaba.

Last year at the end of *cough* June I attended the third annual SA Food & Wine Blogger Indaba. Pick n Pay were one of the headline sponsors and kindly supplied the conference facilities at their Cape Town HQ as the venue for the Indaba. We arrived bright and early, well not so bright as it was kinda still dark outside and I suspect most sane people were probably still in their warm beds. After registering we were handed our cute wooden name tags, a pen and exam pad for note taking, as well as an apron and WÜSTHOF knife courtesy of the other headline sponsor Yuppiechef. Then we had a chance to grab a cup of coffee and chat to fellow bloggers before heading into the auditorium to listen to the line up of speakers.

Jeanne from Cooksister spoke about Ethics, Etiquette & Why We Blog. She asked us whether we really need a prescribed list of ethics and used Chef John‘s tongue in cheek four point list of ethics as a guideline for her talk.

Alida from Simply Delicious spoke about Monetising Your Blog. She told us if we wished to monetise our blogs we should look at them as businesses and think of blogging as a marathon, not a sprint. Money, advertisers and sponsors aren’t really options until you have a grown your blog audience and created a loyal community.

Linda from The Squashed Tomato chatted to us about Socially Active Blogs & Brands. She told us not to feel pressured to use all social platforms, especially if not comfortable using them or if they don’t suit us. That the not so secret secret of social media is to be social. Every post is a potential first impression. Not to have a separate blog and personal account, your blog is an extension of you so why separate them.

Carine from Fresh Living spoke about Writing for the Web. Telling us that the first two paragraphs of a post are the most read and important sections. To scale pictures for the web, to use captions and alt text tags. To ensure posts are easy to read and do not contain spelling or grammar mistakes. To use meta description tags for each post, include a maximum of two keywords and to never duplicate them. She told us to get to know our audience and find out what it is about our blogs they enjoy.

John from John Brown Media spoke to use about Pinterest. How you don’t have to have a Pinterest account to have a presence there. You can easily see what content of yours is being shared by going to + your blog url (without the “http://” and “www.”), here’s mine as an example Make sure you pictures are pinnable and enable a pin button on your blog.

We then broke for a buffet style lunch prepared with items from Pick n Pay’s Finest range. After which we broke up into different groups for the afternoon workshops we’d elected to attend. I’d chosen to attend Jeanne’s photography basics workshop and the post processing workshop hosted by her and Alida.

After the workshops we headed back to the auditorium for a random draw giveaway session followed by an auction which raised R15,600(!) for the Lavendar in Lavendar Hill project.

Then after a rather long day it was time to head home. But not before picking up our goodie bags, all three of them! A few days later I recorded the unpacking of my goodie bags in a Google+ hangout on air which is embedded at the beginning of this post. It’s just under 30 minutes long, that is how stuffed the bags were.

Big thanks to Coleen (aka Browniegirl) and her team for organising another successfully Indaba. I’m sure most of the delegates would agree with me that it was a great day full of learning and comradery. If you are a food or wine blogger interested in honing your skills and have the opportunity to attend the 2013 Indaba I’d highly recommend it.

#447 – Smoked Chicken Mayo and Roll Lunch

#447 - Smoked Chicken Mayo and Roll Lunch

I’m not a big fan of soggy sandwiches. So when I’m packing a sandwich (or roll) where the filling might cause this to happen I like to pack the bread and filling separately. Then at lunchtime I can assemble it just before eating.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Kitka bread roll,
  • smoked chicken mayo with red onion and fresh mint,
  • blueberries,
  • raspberries and
  • a minneola.

Instagram Roundup – February 2013

I’m finally up-to-date with these posts. Yay! From now on there is only going to be one a month, which I’ll probably post on the first Monday. From my selection for February you can see that the supermarkets are gearing up for Easter with loads of chocolates and sweets on the shelves. But the weather is still nice and warm in Cape Town which is a good excuse to explore some of the frozen yoghurt bars that have popped up all over the city.

Here is my Instagram roundup for February.

Nice selection of sushi at theNewspaper House Food Lovers Market Lazari cake pops. #cake #cakepops #pink #red Trying out another #froyo bar
So many bunnies. #golden #chocolate #bunny Interesting selection of unusual fruit and veg at my local supermarket. #produce #fruits #vegetables The tiniest carton of #Easter "white eggs" ever! #chocolate #candy
Pork belly spit, mmm... #pork #porkbelly #spitroast Still my favourite #froyo spot. Peanut butter favour, mmm... Mmm... #coffee

Top: Sushi at Newspaper House Food Lovers Market, Lazari cake pops, Froyo at Wakaberry
Middle: Shelves full of golden bunnies, Unusual fruit and veg, Tiny carton of bantam eggs
Bottom: Rotisserie braaied pork belly, Froyo at Myög (my favourite!), Flat white at the City Bowl Market

Instagram Roundup – January 2013

There is a definite coffee theme to this collection of photos and I know it’s a cliché, but I can’t help taking a photo when someone has taken the time to make my coffee pretty. I think going forward I’ll limit these posts to a maximum of nine images per month so that they don’t get too long.

Here is my Instagram roundup for January.

Happy new year. Keep on smiling :) The little gingerbread men cookie cutters are *still* partying! #tweedenuwejaar #gingerbreadman #cookiecutter
#coffeelove Truthful flat white There's a face in my coffee
Spent the @yuppiechef voucher I won at #cookiecheer2012, ordered last night and delivered this afternoon. #winning #kitchen #gadgets There course #ggdcpt dinner at @CTICC_Official

Top: New year message in a takeaway coffee cup, dancing mini gingerbread man cookie cutters
Middle: Flat whites at Bean There, Truth and Knead
Bottom: What I bought with the Yuppiechef voucher I won at #CookieCheer2012, three course Girl Geek Dinner at the CTICC

#446 – Spek Wrapped Spanspek Salad

#446 - Spek Wrapped Spanspek Salad

When I bought this spanspek (also known as cantaloupe) I knew that I wanted to eat it with prosciutto or a similar style cured ham. The only cured ham the supermarket had at the time was something called spek which I’d never tried before. That didn’t stop me from buying it though. I’m not going to lie, the alliteration in the title tickled me, but I found the flavour of the spek was too strong for the melon.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Cubes of spanspek wrapped in spek and
  • a salad with shredded cabbage, red onion, sugar snap peas and baby tomatoes.

Instagram Roundup – Cookie Cheer 2012

Last year at the beginning of December I took part in the second annual Cape Town Cookie Swap, also known as #CookieCheer2012. Each person participating committed to baking 60 sweet or savoury creations and bringing along six copies of their recipe. In return they’d get 10 items from 6 other participants and 6 new recipes to take home. We were asked to bring along a R30 donation for Nazareth House and all met up at I ❤ My Laundry.

Below are some of my instagrams from the day.

Finally finished baking, all packed and ready for tommorow. #cookiecheer2012 #baking #cookies #snowmen Cookie frenzy #cookiecheer2012
Just won a @yuppiechef voucher at #cookiecheer2012 Woot! Dim sum time! Mini red velvet cupcake baked by @cat_murray #cookiecheer2012 #yum
Laundry cookies on the line at #cookiecheer2012 Care for a cookie? Selection of treats from my #cookiecheer2012 haul. #cookies #baking

Top: My goodies bagged and ready for swapping, mingling around the big table
Middle: I won a Yuppiechef voucher, delicious dim sum, a tiny red velvet cupcake
Bottom: Laundry cookies on the line, a selection of the cookies I went home with.

Instagram Roundup – December 2012

Inspired by this post over on Add To Taste, this is the first in what I’d like to become a regular series on the food related photos I’ve uploaded to Instagram.

Here are my foodie instagrams from December, click on any of the images to view a larger version in it’s original form.

Sunday brunch This little gingerbread man had the fever, the Saturday night fever. #cookiecheer2012 #cookies #baking #gingerbreadman Donkeys in a row
Trying bubble tea for the first time, reminds me of @Wolverming, @AddToTaste and @HugsNquiches Pretty patterns in my coffee
Another entry into the South African #froyo market. Look what finally arrived from @MarmiteSA :) #DontBeAfraidOfTheDark #TheOriginalDarkSpread Opened up the #Tupperware containers from my #blogsecretsanta package and found all these little faces staring back at me.. #HelloKitty

Top: Brunch at Euro Haus, cute gingerbread man from #cookiecheer2012, chilli sauce bottles at El Burro
Middle: My first taste of bubble tea, flat white at Crave
Bottom: Froyo at Menchie’s, Halloween themed Marmite jar, part of my #blogsecretsanta gift from countesskaz (organized by The Stiletto Mum)