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#427 – Japanese Curry Lunch

#427 - Japanese Curry

I’m getting back onto the lunch packing horse again. I’ve been very naughty lately and eating convenience food or (even worse) not eating at all at lunchtime. After a phase of not doing something the anticipated chore always seems worse then the actual undertaking. So here I go again…

Today’s Lunch:

  • Japanese Curry with carrot, potato, sweet potato (those delicious orange fleshed ones), onion and strips of beef,
  • short grain brown rice and
  • mangetout

I didn’t like how the curry looked in my bento, so I took another photo after warming it up at work. Much more appealing do you think?

#427 - Japanese Curry

Ready Steady Cook Challenge – Main Course – Beef Fillet on Butterbean Mash

Ready Steady Cook Challenge

This is my main course entry for the Ready Steak Cook challenge. Tournedo of beef  fillet served on top of butterbean mash with slices of grilled beetroot and brinjal.

Ready Steady Cook - Main Course

I cut the beetroot and brinjal into half centimetre thick slices, brushed with garlic infused avocado oil and grilled in the oven for about twenty minutes.

Ready Steady Cook - Main Course

The steak I cooked in a hot pan for three minutes and then flipped over and cooked the other side for another three minutes.

Ready Steady Cook - Main Course

While the steak was resting I prepared the beans, using canned butterbeans instead of soaking and cooking dried ones. I drained and then heated the beans in a small saucepan adding some pepper and a little smoked salt. Once heated through I mashed them using a potato masher and dinner was ready to be served.

Although suffering from the dreaded monotone brownness this meal was very tasty and best of all was fully cooked and ready to eat within half an hour.

#409 – Beef and Watercress Sandwich Lunch

#409 - Beef and Watercress Sandwich

I bought some porcini butter from the Funki Fungi stand at the Neighbourgoods Market awhile ago. I’ve been using it for all sorts of dishes, but my favourite way to use it is in a simple sandwich where it’s subtle flavour really gets to shine.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Sliced silverside, watercress and porcini butter sandwich on rye bread,
  • baby tomatoes,
  • baby corn,
  • orange, radish. mint and toasted almond salad and
  • some grapes

#404 – Paprika Potato Salad Lunch

#404 - Paprika Potato Salad

This salad started out as my attempt to recreate Primi Piatti‘s hot beef salad, I didn’t quite manage the recreation but the salad was still very tasty.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Salad with lettuce,baby tomatoes, baby marrow ribbons, red pepper, cubes of beef and potato slices sautéed with smoked paprika and
  • yoghurt and smoked paprika dressing.