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14 Days of Zespri – Day 11

Over the last week and a half I’ve enjoyed eating kiwifruit in all sorts of ways, but my favourite has to be eating it raw, scoop by tasty scoop. Eating it fresh and raw means I can enjoy a low calorie snack high in vitamins B and C with lots of fibre and that helpful actinidin enzyme. Plus it’s low GI too, sounds like the perfect thing to snack on to me.

Up until receiving my Zespri blogger pack for this challenge I’d never actually eaten kiwifruit with a spoon. *le shock* I’d always just laboriously peeled it, cut it into chunks and then eaten it. Eating it with a spife is just so much less messy and more convenient. I thought I’d share with you visually how I use the Cut, Scoop and Enjoy method along with my cute spife when I feel like a quick kiwi snack.

Cut, Scoop and Enjoy

Zespri are currently running a competition until the end of October 2013 where you could win one of four R1,000 Yuppiechef vouchers. All you have to do is snap a photo of yourself, a family member or a friend enjoying a nutritious kiwifruit using the Cut, Scoop and Enjoy method. Once you’ve got your photo you can then enter the competition by emailing it to zespri@storybookcommunications.co.za. Submissions will be uploaded to the Zespri website and the winning submissions will be announced in the first week of November 2013.