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14 Days of Zespri – Day 7

I missed two days of posting for the Zespri Daily Scoop of Amazing challenge. But I’m back with a special treat in the form of a stack of kiwifruit pancakes.

Kiwifruit Pancake Stack
Yesterday was a full day of cookieswapping and evening at the Madame Zingara Theatre of Dreams, my first visit and an amazing night out. So today I just wanted to stay in and take it easy. These American style pancakes are a great thing to make for a breakfast at home. I took it so easy that we actually ate them for lunch. A perfectly acceptable Sunday lunch don’t you think?

Kiwifruit Pancake Stack

I made the pancakes using this recipe on Instructables. I halved the recipe as I was only cooking for two people and added pieces of kiwifruit before flipping them. I served them with maple flavoured syrup and the leftover bits of ┬ákiwifruit that didn’t make it into the pancakes. You could of course serve them with honey, real maple syrup or just plain if you prefer.