#428 – Sausage and Mash Lunch

#428 - Sausage and Mash

Who doesn’t love a plate of sausage and mash? It’s the quintessential pub meal full of calories and comfort. In my lunch box it may not look so pretty, but it sure does taste good.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Beef bangers,
  • herby mashed potatoes,
  • onion gravy,
  • rainbow swiss chard with feta,
  • baby tomatoes and
  • some plain yoghurt with a swirl of apple butter.

One response to “#428 – Sausage and Mash Lunch

  1. so the purple thing in my box was purple chard? oh that helps so much! i was so confused – couldn’t decide if it was lettuce/cabbage/chard/spinach.. And there’s very little that compares to bangers and mash. YUM!

    • Nicola (Wots For Lunch)

      Purple! I didn’t get any purple leafy stuff in my box.

      Were the leaves green and the steams/veins a dark pink colour? If so you probably also got chard, mine had pink, orange, yellow, white and green stems.

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