#436 – Chilled Beetroot Soup Lunch

#436 - Chilled Beetroot Soup

When I saw this recipe for a chilled-spiced beetroot soup in the current (Jan/Feb 2011) issue of Pick n Pay‘s Fresh Living magazine I knew it make a great packed lunch for a warm Summer’s day. The flavours and vibrant colour would provide a welcome midday break and ensure I could forge ahead with the afternoon’s tasks.

Today’s Lunch:

  • Chilled beetroot soup,
  • some grapes and
  • a mini Babybel cheese.

One response to “#436 – Chilled Beetroot Soup Lunch

  1. Sounds brilliant! I really really really need to replace my blender so I can make this.

    • Nicola (Wots For Lunch)

      I just used my immersion blender and it came out pretty well (although I did have to fish out all the bits of cardamom pod)

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