Instagram Roundup – December 2012

Inspired by this post over on Add To Taste, this is the first in what I’d like to become a regular series on the food related photos I’ve uploaded to¬†Instagram.

Here are my foodie instagrams from December, click on any of the images to view a larger version in it’s original form.

Sunday brunch This little gingerbread man had the fever, the Saturday night fever. #cookiecheer2012 #cookies #baking #gingerbreadman Donkeys in a row
Trying bubble tea for the first time, reminds me of @Wolverming, @AddToTaste and @HugsNquiches Pretty patterns in my coffee
Another entry into the South African #froyo market. Look what finally arrived from @MarmiteSA :) #DontBeAfraidOfTheDark #TheOriginalDarkSpread Opened up the #Tupperware containers from my #blogsecretsanta package and found all these little faces staring back at me.. #HelloKitty

Top: Brunch at Euro Haus, cute gingerbread man from #cookiecheer2012, chilli sauce bottles at El Burro
Middle: My first taste of bubble tea, flat white at Crave
Bottom: Froyo at Menchie’s, Halloween themed Marmite jar, part of my #blogsecretsanta gift from countesskaz (organized by The Stiletto Mum)

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